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Scoliosis is a condition that affects the spine and causes it to curve abnormally. When viewed from behind, a normal spine looks straight, but when affected by scoliosis it will show a side-to-side curvature with the vertebrae appearing rotated and making it look as if the person is leaning to one side. This curvature measures 10° or greater and can occur on either one or both sides of the thoracic or lumbar spine. It is important to note that this condition does not stem from poor posture; rather there are underlying medical issues causing this spinal deformity that need a proper diagnosis for treatment.

Causes of scoliosis

The case where the cause of scoliosis is unknown is called Idiopathic Scoliosis. Whereas, in other cases, it may be caused by a breakdown of the spinal discs. It can occur with Osteoporosis or arthritis or it may be a hereditary condition. These abnormal curves are defined as per their cause.

Structural Scoliosis- The possible causes of this type of scoliosis are metabolic, rheumatoid, or neuromuscular diseases, idiopathic scoliosis, injury, abnormal growth, infection, and birth defects.

Nonstructural Scoliosis- This type of scoliosis is also known as functional scoliosis. It is a condition where a normal spine is curved due to one or more problems such as an inflammatory problem or different lengths of both legs. This type of scoliosis is short-term and goes away when the underlying problem is treated.

Symptoms of scoliosis

  • Difference in shoulder height
  • Difference in hip height or position
  • Head is off-center from the rest of the body
  • Difference in shoulder blade height or position
  • When standing straight, difference in the way the arms hang beside the body
  • When bending forward, the sides of the back look different in height

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