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Ankle Ligament Surgery

Ankle surgery – The process of ankle surgery takes place when a person suffers from a broken ankle. An ankle fracture is done when the ankle bone of a person gets broken and the patient is unable to walk or stand and requires support to heal. Various types of ankle problems require surgery. These problems include arthritis, ankle deformity, fracture in the ankle, and many other issues as well. Let’s understand the ankle surgery ligament in detail.

Ankle Ligament Surgery–

The surgery of the ankle ligament is also known as the name as Bostrom procedure. The surgery helps the sufferer in tightening and firming up one or more ankle ligaments on the outside of the ankle. The surgeons usually prefer to go through the surgery as outpatient surgery. This is because, with the help of this surgery, the patient can be discharged by the hospital on the same day.

The ankle surgery generally takes place when one or more ligaments of the ankle have gotten stretched or loose. This issue may lead the patient to a condition called chronic ankle instability.

There are also some risks associated with all kinds of surgeries. These risks include an excess of bleeding, infection, nerve damage, blood clot, stiffness in the ankle joint no improvement in ankle stability, and complications from anesthesia as well.

One of the best surgeons in New Delhi, India to treat the ankle surgery ligament is Dr. Rahul Grover. He has done a lot of surgeries with effective results. The doctor provides his services at very reasonable charges and is highly recommended for any kind of orthopedic surgery.

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