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Types of Fractures

Fracture – The breaking or cracking of the bone in the human body is termed a fracture. Fractures usually take place through some common reasons such as due to falling, car accidents, any other sports injury, low bone density, or osteoporosis. Sometimes, a broken bone gets a puncture and causes a compound or open fracture. Various types of fractures take place. Let's discuss them further.

Types of fractures –

  • Hairline fracture – The hairline fracture is also known by the name of the stress fracture. This fracture generates a very small crack within a bone. Usually, this fracture is observed in athletes and people with osteoporosis. Generally, this fracture takes place in the bones of the legs and hands. This is because these bones captivate a lot of stress while in the activity of jumping and running.
  • Oblique (displaced) fracture – The oblique fracture takes place when the bone of a person is broken at a certain angle. Due to this reason, the oblique fracture is also known as the complete fracture. It means the line of the breakage goes all the way through the bone of the injured person. This fracture generally affects the long bone of the body.
  • Oblique (nondisplaced) fracture – This fracture takes about 6 to 8 weeks in the process of recovery. Although, it is also dependent on the patient’s physical factors that how long the fracture will take to recover.
  • Linear fracture – A linear fracture is also known as a skull fracture. This fracture takes place in a cranial bone in the form of a thin line without any distortion depression or splintering of bone.
  • Comminute fracture – The fracture states the condition of the bone where it is broken from at least two places. To repair the comminuted fracture, the patient has to undergo surgery. The process of recovery in such cases can sometimes take more than a year. This fracture happens in two types of forms, the comminute open or compound fracture and the comminute closed or simple fracture.
  • Spiral fracture – The spiral fracture usually happens when a bone gets broken in a twisting motion. This fracture creates a line in the bone that is wrapped around the bone and it looks like a corkscrew.
  • Segmental fracture – Segmental fracture is a type of broken bone. This fracture leaves the bone broken into two separate parts. This fracture generally results in high-energy trauma and is accompanied by substantial damage.

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