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Fracture Surgery

Fracture – A fracture is termed a complete or a partial fracture in a bone. The fracture can be caused due to any reason such as by falling or by a kick to the body. Repetitive motions or overuse can lead a person to stress fracture. The fracture is considered to be of various types. To recover from the fracture as soon as possible, the patient is asked to go through surgery fracture. This is because the surgery will help the get ease and relief from the pain. It is to be noted that, different kind of fracture has a different type of treatment as well.

Fracture Surgery –

To recover from a fracture, one has to go through bone-related surgery. Dr. Rahul Grover is one of the best surgeons for fracture injuries in New Delhi, India.

The different types of bone fracture include, avulsion fracture, crush or compression fracture, comminuted fracture, fracture dislocation, hairline fracture, greenstick fracture, Intra articular fracture, impacted fracture, longitudinal fracture, pathological fracture, oblique fracture, spiral fracture, transverse fracture, and stress fracture as well.

The symptom of a fracture is usually dependent on the location in the person’s body where the fracture has taken place along with other factors which include the age and health of the individual and the severity of the injury as well. However, some common traits of the fracture are said to be swelling, pain, discoloration in the skin tone, pain, bleeding in case of open fracture, and failure in putting weight on the injured area.

For better and fast treatment, one can visit Dr. Grover. The Dr. will inquire about the circumstances that led an individual to fracture, and following that, he will carry out a physical examination of the injured area to reach a diagnosis. To bring the wound towards recovery, the Dr. will place metal plates and screws, external fixing, braces or casts, and rods or intramedullary nails in the bone cavity.

It is recommended to the patient take proper rest otherwise, they may have to face some severe complications such as healing of bone in the wrong direction, bone marrow infection, disruption of bone growth, and avascular necrosis also known as one death.

For any surgical problem or orthopedic problem contact Dr. Rahul Grover, Glyra Orthopaedics, and here.

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