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Spinal Surgery Fusion

Spinal surgery – Spinal surgery is a very intense procedure that is performed by a neurosurgeon or by an orthopedic surgeon. As the doctors are specialists in the subject matter, they also have a special team for such serious treatment. Spinal surgery is usually treated in various cases such as tumors, breakage in the spinal bone, spine infection, scoliosis known as abnormal spine curvature, lumbar spinal stenosis called as narrow spinal canal, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis as well. Let’s understand spinal surgery fusion.

Spinal surgery fusion –

There are various reasons why a person has to undergo the procedure of spinal surgery. These reasons are said to be to reshape the spine, damaged disk, spinal weakness, or instability. In the process of spinal surgery, there is a risk of infection as well. The complications that can be caused by spinal surgery include infection, bleeding, poor wound healing, blood clots, return of symptoms, pain in the bone, and nerves in and around the spine, or injury to blood vessels can also take place.

During spinal fusion – During the procedure of spinal fusion the patient is provided with general anesthesia. Various methods are followed by doctors like Rahul Grover. The method is usually dependent on the condition of the patient. Usually, the process includes getting to the spine shape, getting the bone graft ready, and fusion.

After spinal fusion – Post-surgery, the patient is asked to stay in the hospital for a day or two. The pain of the patient can be controlled by medication. It may take a few months to recover properly. The doctor may recommend wearing a brace for a time to keep the spine aligned correctly. Along with that, physical therapy is also suggested for the diseased.

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