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Importance of PRP Injection

PRP injection – The term PRP injection stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma injection. This injection helps the patient in recovering from joint injuries, wounds, and trauma. Apart from that, this injection is also used for hair growth and hair transplant, and to enhance other cosmetic procedures as well. It is been noted that the effect of this injection lasts for about 9 months. The result of PRP injection is temporary and not permanent. Let’s dive into PRP injection importance.

PRP injection importance –

  • Helps in healing of injuries – PRP injections help to get relief to a patient who is suffering from trauma and sports injury. Sports injury affects the soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well. These injuries take place when a force is given against the muscles. The PRP injection is an appealing option to help athletes.
  • Provides relief from knee osteoarthritis – The major finding of osteoarthritis is hyaluronic acid. This acid is responsible for cushioning and lubricating the joints to let them work smoothly. The PRP injection provides symptomatic relief for knee osteoarthritis. The injection provides the patient relief by reversing the joint damage and eliminating disease progression.
  • Reduces inflammation – PRP injection is an advanced technology that provides a safe, fast, and effective healing process. This pain management approach reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Simple intervention – The PRP injection is a very minimally invasive intervention. The main goal of this is to produce an element that is comprised of growth factors specific to the patient's condition or injury. The derived substance is then injured to the patient for better recovery. The process also reduces the need for surgery.
  • Relief in back pain – PRP therapy was found to support chronic back pain as it was very difficult to treat. This therapy can help in reducing the pack pain by enhancing the structural elements such as discs, ligaments, and joints.

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