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Fracture Management

Fracture – A fracture is termed a breakage in the bone. It can take place in a person’s body due to various reasons such as low bone density, falling or by accident, or by any kind of repetitive force such as by running or any other physical activity as well. The symptoms of a fracture include, intense pain, swelling, tenderness or bruising around the injury, tingling and numbness, deformity, and problem moving is also a strong symptom of the fracture. Let’s further understand management facture.

Fracture management –

The fracture can be treated in two ways. One is surgical and the other is non-surgical. It is dependent on the condition of the fracture and on the surgeon in which way he or she will prefer to treat the problem.

  • Immobilization – If the fracture is minor and if the broken bones have not shifted far away from each other, the patient only needs a cast or splint treatment. Split generally lasts for 3 to 5 weeks. The treatment of cast is a lengthier process compared to cast as it takes about 6 to 8 weeks. To check the level of recovery, the patient has to go through an X-ray.
  • Closed reduction – If the fracture is severe and if the broken bones have shifted far away from each other, the patient needs proper surgery to realign or set the bones. The process of closed reduction focuses on physical exercise as well.

Bone fracture surgery –

  • External fixation – In the external fixation process, the surgeon puts screws on either side of the bone near the fracture and connects them to a bracket or a brace in the body. This is a temporary way to stabilize the fracture and give it time to recover.
  • Internal fixation – In the internal fixation process, the surgeon is supposed to set or realign the bones to put them back together. In this treatment, a piece of metal is inserted into the patient’s bone so that, it can hold it in place while it heals. In this case, the patient needs to be extra cautious and is not allowed to do movement in the affected area of the body.
  • Bone grafting – If the fracture is severely displaced or if the bone is not healing, the patient has to go through the procedure of bone drafting. In this procedure, the surgeon insert’s an additional tissue to re-join the fractured bone.

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