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Causes of Bone Fracture

Bone fracture – A bone fracture takes place when pressure is given to a bone more than enough. In the process of fracture in a bone, the bone gets cracked or broken and usually splits into two. the bone may get partially or completely broken; it is dependent on the way it is been cracked. These ways include, lengthwise, crosswise, or in multiple pieces as well. The bone fracture is treated by an orthopedic surgeon only. Dr. Rahul Grover is one of the highly recommended orthopedic surgeons in New Delhi, India. He provides his services at a very minimal cost and with the most success rate result. Let’s understand the causes of bone fracture.

Causes of bone fracture –

  • Fall from a height – Falling from a height is reported to be the major cause of bone fracture. A vertebral or spinal compression fracture is usually associated with a fall from a height. When a person falls from a standing height, it impacts one or more than one vertebrates to collapse, and it results in severe back pain.
  • Accident – In a car or motor vehicle accident also a bone fracture takes place. Due to this, the bone fracture that takes place is referred to as a pelvic bone fracture. It is said to be one of the most common bone fractures after a motor vehicle or car accident. In an accident generally, the bone of the leg gets broken.
  • Trauma – Fracture due to trauma takes place when extreme or significant force is applied to a bone. Traumatic fractures can be displaced or nondisplaced as well. This type of the fracture causes multiple injuries in the body of the patient. Along with that, this kind of fracture can result in dislocation or isolated fracture as well.
  • Hitting – In the case of bone fracture, hitting involves the force caused by falling, any sports injury, or by car or motor vehicle accident. The symptoms of bone fracture through hitting include swelling, tenderness, or bruising around the injured area. The patient feels hurt when any sort of pressure or weight is put on the injury.
  • Repetitive force – The repetitive force causes stress fracture. This fracture results in tiny cracks in a bone. This generally happens from the overuse of a bone in the form of maybe jumping or long-distance running.

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