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Elbow Replacement Procedure

Elbow replacement – In the elbow replacement procedure, the damaged elbow of the patient gets removed or replaced with an implant which is consisted of plastic and metal. The elbow replacement procedure is also called elbow arthroplasty or total elbow arthroplasty. In the process of surgery, the elbow gets replaced with an artificial joint. In the elbow replacement surgery, every time it does not involve the entire elbow.

Elbow replacement procedure –

  • Prior to the procedure – Before the procedure gets started, the patient has to go through the instructions that are given by the doctor to the patient. The doctor also suggests various kinds of tests which the patient has to go through. This is because it will help the surgeon to understand precautions that are to be taken by them to make the replacement procedure successful.
  • During the procedure – At the time of the procedure, the patient is given anesthesia before the surgery. The elbow replacement procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours to get the replacement done.
  • After the procedure – After the procedure, the patient gets recovers from the pain slowly and steadily. It is dependent on the progress of the patient. Many a time the patient is asked to wear a sling or a splint for a few days or weeks post-surgery. Physical exercise is also suggested to the patient after the surgery this is because it will not block the movement of the bone.

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