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Hip Replacement Procedure

Hip replacement – Hip replacement is a process in which a surgeon like Dr. Rahul Grover replaces the damaged part of the hip joint with an artificial joint which is consisted of very hard plastic, ceramic, and metal. The artificial joint is called a prosthesis and it helps to improve functioning and to reduce pain. The hip replacement is also called by the name as total hip arthroplasty. It is suggested by Dr. Grover that if the pain interferes with the daily activities of the patient, the hip replacement procedure is the best option to be followed.

Hip replacement procedure – The most common reason these days for hip replacement is arthritis damage. the pre-surgery step in the treatment of hip replacement is also known as preoperative optimization. These steps help to enhance the results of the surgery. The steps include quitting of smoke, proper management of diabetes, loss of weight, if needed, proper sleep, and also carefully addressing any other health conditions as well.

The hip replacement process takes by giving anesthesia to the patient. It is dependent on the condition of the patient and what kind of surgical approach will be approached. Usually, less invasive replacement surgery is preferred by Dr. Rahul. The type of material that is used by the surgeon is the bearing surface. There is various kind of bearing surface available which include, ceramic on ceramic, ceramic on plastic, and metal on plastic. Every type of surface has its own disadvantage and advantage. It is advised by the surgeon depending upon the condition of the patient, which kind of surface is to be used.

Post the surgery, the patient is provided with antibiotics in order to prevent any kind of infection. The patient is also recommended to perform physical therapy (PT) exercises to have proper movement and motion in the body. It is observed that the treatment that is undergone under the supervision of Dr. Rahul Grover is expected to last well beyond the time duration of 10 to 15 years. Most of their patients are very well satisfied with the treatment and its outcome. They have also reported minimal to no pain and have also observed better functioning and good quality of life as well.

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