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Shoulder Replacement Joint

Shoulder Replacement – The shoulder is a socket and ball joint and is round head as well. Shoulder replacement is the process where the damaged area of the disease is replaced with an implant that consists of plastic and metal. Shoulder replacement joint surgery is also commonly called shoulder arthroplasty. The best surgeon in New Delhi. India who provides services of shoulder replacement surgery, Dr. Rahul Grover. Here are more details regarding the same.

Why shoulder replacement joint surgery is done –

The shoulder replacement surgery takes place in order to provide relief to the diseased patient. There are various reasons that can cause damage to the shoulder joint which include –

Osteoarthritis – It is also commonly known by the name wear-and-tear arthritis. It harms the cartilage which covers the edges of bones and helps to recover them.

Fracture – When the upper end of the humerus gets fractured, it has to be replaced immediately in order to get relief from pain in the bone.

Osteonecrosis – A bone gets collapsed when it lacks the proper flow of blood. It can also affect the shoulder damage condition of the patient.

Rotator cuff injuries – It is a group of tendons and muscles that covers the joint of the shoulders. This injury can damage the shoulder joint more intensely.

Shoulder replacement joint process –

The treatment of shoulder replacement is dependent upon what kind of shoulder pain the patient is going through, such as –

Reverse total shoulder replacement – In this kind of replacement, both the socket and the ball get replaced. The socket is attached to the upper arm bone whereas, the ball is attached to the shoulder bone.

Anatomic total shoulder replacement – In the anatomic total shoulder replacement procedure, both the socket and the ball get replaced. The implantation looks like the original shape of the bone.

Partial shoulder replacement – In this type of replacement process, the ball also called the head of the joint is replaced. It is usually recommended by Dr. Grover when only the ball side of the shoulder joint is damaged.

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