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Reasons for Knee Arthroscopy

Knee Arthroscopy – The term talks about a surgical process that lets the Dr. view the joint without drawing a large cut or incision via soft tissues and skin. Arthroscopy is used by professionals to cure a huge range of knee-related issues. At the time of the knee arthroscopy treatment, the surgeons like Dr. Rahul Grover insert a camera which is called an arthroscope. The camera helps the Dr. to see the condition of the knee even more clearly and the pictures help the surgeon to continue the treatment carefully. There are various reasons for knee arthroscopy.

Reasons for knee arthroscopy –

  • Torn meniscus – The Meniscus is said to be the cartilage that cushions up the space among the bones in the knee. Orthopedic surgeons recommend surgery in order to remove or repair it.
  • Damaged ACL – The term ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and it is also called by the name as PCL which means Posterior Cruciate Ligament.
  • The swollen lining of the joint – Inflamed or damaged or swollen linin fog the joint is also the major reason for knee arthroscopy. The lining is called synovium.
  • Misalignment of the patella – When the patella or the kneecap gets misaligned or out of position, knee surgery is recommended by Dr. Rahul Grover.

Various other reasons for knee arthroscopy treatment involve broken cartilage in the joint and removal of baker cysts and repair of defects in the cartilage, and sometimes it also includes fractures of the bones available in the knee as well.

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