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Bone Tumor Surgery

Bone tumors develop when cells within a bone divide uncontrollably, forming a lump or mass of abnormal tissue. Most bone tumors are benign (not cancerous). Benign tumors are usually not life-threatening and, in most cases, will not spread to other parts of the body. Depending upon the type of tumor, treatment options are wide-ranging from simple observation to surgery to remove the tumor. Some bone tumors are malignant (cancerous). Malignant bone tumors can metastasize or cause cancer cells to spread throughout the body. In almost all cases, treatment for malignant tumors involves a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Bone tumors can affect any bone in the body and develop in any part of the bone from the surface to the center of the bone, called the bone marrow. A growing bone tumor even a benign tumor destroys healthy tissue and weakens the bone, making it more vulnerable to fracture.

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